Eleven World Wide Contest 2020

juni 6, 2020 0 Door Jeremy

Hello everybody involved on the biggest event on the 11 meters.  We hope you are all well and safe.
We are costantly refining our procedures in order to be year after year more accurate as possible. For this reason, in a year so complicated for everybody we have decided to publish the complete 2019 ranks without wait any longer.

Each contester can download its full color A4 personalized award of partecipation, as also a detailed errors report. 
Becouse of the Covid-19 situation the meeting scheduled this year to award the winners cannot take place, so they will be personally contacted by the contest Committee for agreements about the delivery of the prizes.

The 2020 edition is coming!

It will involve hundreds station from worldwide regardless of membership associations or countries of origin.  Everybody who enjoy the 11 meters band are invited to join us and partecipate with friendship and fair play.

The first 2020 session will start at 00:00 UTC on Saturday 18 July and ends at 23:59 UTC on Sunday 19 July, 48 hours of full immersion on the air.
Please remember that this contest run in two continuative sessions, so keep your log file in a safe place waiting to continue with the same file on the second session that will take place on the next 7 and 8 november 2020.

We invite everybody who has not partecipated to the 2019 editions to subscribe on the site:  https://www.cq11ww.org/en/subscription-9.asp
Your data will be stored on the contest database and will allow to the other partecipants to recognize and register the QSO with you on the logging software.

Here some useful link to avoid misunderstanding and take confidence with all the contest aspects. Please read carefully:

By Erwin PD3EL / 19RF039